About Moeen Centre

Moeen Centre is a non-profit organization for Physically Disabled & Developmentally Challenged Young Adults. Our organization was formed in April 1996 and became incorporated on October 1, 1996. The next decade was spent on trying to build awareness and an audience that could support the clientele of Moeen Centre and finally, in 2006, we were able to open our first Centre. Our primary goal is to facilitate the removal of barriers to the participation of the physically disabled and developmentally challenged young adults in their community and provide services that promote greater independence and reduce isolation.


Increase the communication and mobility skills of the physically disabled and developmentally challenged young adults.

Help the physically disabled and developmentally challenged young adults to reach their full potential with in the community.


Provide programs, resources and support for physically disabled and developmentally challenged young adults and their families

Educate and create awareness in the community about these vulnerable members of our society

Our Mission

Facilitate the removal of barriers to the participation of the physically disabled and developmentally challenged young adults in their community and provide services that promote greater independence and reduce isolation.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a diverse community where all physically and disabled intellectuals are valued, respected and are assisted to reach their full potential which will lead to them having independent and productive lives.

Our Story

How We Got Started

MOEEN CENTRE is a non-profit organization for Physically Disabled & Developmentally Challenged Young Adults.

Our Centre has been opened in memory of Moeen Alam, a physically and developmentally challenged young adult, who lost his life at the age of 18 in a tragic house fire. His mother, Qaisar Alam, and other family and friends were determined to honour Moeen’s memory and began the process of establishing a centre where individuals such as Moeen could learn and interact with others facing similar challenges. Ms. Alam was inspired to open her own centre, after her own experiences and frustrations with similar organizations which had long waiting lists (some of which lasted years).

In 1996 the Moeen Mobility, Organism, Energy, Exercise and Nursing Centre was incorporated and registered as a non-profit organization. In the years to follow family, friends, volunteers and board members worked hard in establishing the organization. They put on many fundraising events, community workshops and seminars. Then in 2000, the organization changed its name to reflect the services it planned to offer – and so the name “Moeen Centre for Physically Disabled and Developmentally Challenged Young Adults” was appropriately adopted. In 2003, the organization received a charitable status.

An office was initially set up in East York and after much fundraising efforts and many volunteer hours, the Centre relocated to our new and current address of 551 Kennedy Road. The Centre started its operations in September 2006 and offers programs that allow a continuation of what the individual’s goals were in the public school system.

Our Team

Qaisar Alam (Founder)

Recipient of the Diamond Jubilee Medal

, Qaisar Alam is a strong, compassionate, and determined individual. As an educator with the Toronto District School Board, she strongly values education and understands its importance in helping those who have disabilities reach their full potential. In 1996, Moeen Centre began as an idea that was only spoken about in her living room. The more that she spoke about it with her family, the more she was encouraged to create a safe space for young adults living with disabilities. As a result, a few years later, the Moeen Centre was established and continues operating in Scarborough, ON. In recognition of her commitment to supporting vulnerable populations in the community, Qaisar is a proud recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario; the Honorable David C. Onley.

The Honorable David C. Onley

Former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

The Honorable David Charles Onley was the 28th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. As the province’s first Lieutenant Governor with a disability, he was committed to using his position to help remove barriers for people living with disabilities. Prior to his appointment, he worked as a journalist for CityTV primarily on science and technology stories and he was a published author. Upon leaving his post, the Honourable David C. Onley was appointed as senior lecturer in the Department of Political Sciences at University of Toronto, his alma mater and he served as the University’s Special Ambassador for the 2015 Pan American and Parapan American Games.

Mr. Abdulla Idris (Honorary)

Dr. Abdulla Idris is a well-known public speaker, imam and community leader. He is the founder of the Islamic Society of North America, the first full-time Islamic school in Toronto, ON. He serves as the chair of the Islamic Media Foundation, a board member of the North American Islamic Trust and Islamic Teaching Center, and a member of the advisory board of the American Muslim Council.

Mr. A-Yaman Al Taher (Honorary)

Imam Ayman Al-Taher is the Imam of the International Muslims Organization (IMO), in Toronto, ON. Since 1997, he has been an active counsellor and caregiver at the Hospital for Sick Kids. In the past, he has worked for the Multi Faith Council (OMC) of Ontario. Imam Ayman is a member of the Imam’s Council of Canada and is a board member and Chairperson for the Muslim Children Aid and Support Services. 

Mr. Habeeb Alli (Honorary)

Sheikh Habeeb Alli is an author and chaplain. He is a member of the Canadian Council of Imams and serves as a Federal Chaplain with Correctional Services Canada. In the past, he has worked with the Toronto Police Department as a consultant on the incorporation of the Hijab into uniform protocol. Sheikh Habeeb attended Queen’s College in India where he earned a Diploma in Journalism and a Master’s in Islamic Theology and Arabic Language.

Board of Directors

Mr. Adeel Khan (President)

Adeel Khan is a loving father of four children and lives with his family in Toronto, ON. Since the formation of the idea, Adeel has supported the Moeen Centre through managing human resources, renovations and ensuring that the centre remains (physically and financially) accessible to those who need it the most. As an entrepreneur, he manages his own company in the development industry. In his spare time, he travels around the world, immersing himself within different cultures.

Dr. Kubra Kapasi-Khandwala

Dr. Kubra Kapasi-Khandwala is the Founder and President of Kapasi International Relief and Education Assistance (KIREA), a charitable organization focused on assisting individuals who are living in poverty around the world. She is currently a Science Teacher with the Peel District School Board. Prior to this, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Women’s College Research Institute. Kubra holds a Ph.D degree from the University of Toronto, an M.Sc and B.Sc degrees from Western University, and a B.Ed degree from York University.

Ms. Mariam Rajabali

Mariam Rajabali is entering her final year of law school in Windsor. Prior to entering law school, she worked as the Business Development Manager at the largest student housing co-operative in Canada. With her passion for inspiring environmentally friendly and sustainable daily practices, she co-founded a national grassroots non-profit organization called the Green Ummah. In addition, Mariam volunteers with a national non-partisan organization that aims to increase civic participation within the democratic process. Mariam’s experience working with the Federal Government combined with her passion for empowering young people inspires her to work closely with community-based nonprofit organizations. Mariam is fluent in English, Gujarati and French.

Mr. Saifudin Rajabali

Saifudin Rajabali is a proud father of three children, and lives with his family in Hamilton, ON. Over the past few decades, he has been a leader within the Progressive Dawoodi Bohra community in Hamilton, ON. He provides religious lectures and performs wedding ceremonies within the Muslim community. Saifudin aims to inspire young people to become involved in their communities and support their spiritual journeys. Currently, he is a Senior Systems Specialist with Telus Communications. Saifudin attended St. Mary’s University in London, England where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. 

Mrs. Wendy Switzer Myles

Wendy Switzer Myles devotes her time as a volunteer to various charitable causes. She has brainstormed, chaired and implemented major fundraising events for Mount Sinai Hospital, Baycrest, Villa Charities, The Harold and Grace Baker Centre, The Canadian Liver Foundation, ORT Canada, The Yonge Street Mission, The Canadian Friends of The Israel Guide Dog Center for The Blind, the Rosalie Hall Young Parent Resource Centre, The Canada International Scientific Exchange Program (CISEPO), and The Canadian Friends of Herzog Hospital. Since 2001, Wendy has served as Chairman and President of The Canadian Friends of Herzog Hospital. She also sits on the Board of CISEPO and The Baycrest Foundation and serves on UJA’s Leadership

Ali Khan


My daughter has been behaving very mature...

lately. As soon as I come back home from work, she comes out of her room and says "hello" and even asks me how my day was... In the morning, she says "good morning" and asks me if I had a good sleep. I used to ask her those questions daily and I tell her that I love her ... and now she is saying it back to me! I love the child that my daughter is becoming and she's so pleasant. She has not destroyed anything lately; I must say she is very pleasant, even more so than usual. Thank you" -A parent

It was such a pleasure meeting the person who ...

spends so much time with my daughter teaching her life skills and other things that will allow her to lead a normal life" -An appreciative mother

The Moeen Centre and its staff looked after my...

autistic child who is known to run away from home. With commitment from its staff and the daily routine established for my son, I was able to spare some time and find a job that now benefits my whole family. Thank you to all the staff at the Moeen Centre." -Appreciative mother

Our family was finding it extremely difficult to...

find a placement for our special child. Most of the institutions refused to take our son due to lack of space and his special condition that required constant supervision. We were very glad when the Moeen Centre and the staff offered their services to look after our child during the day. As a result, my wife was able to help in running our small business, we have less stress and it has made a significant difference in our lives to know that Moeen Centre is around to assist families such as ours.” –Parents of a Special Child

My daughter's behaviour has improved...

My daughter's behaviour has improved from attending Moeen Centre. She is learning essential life skills which she practices at home like rinsing her dishes. She enjoys the subjects she learns at the centre like Arts and Crafts and Physical education. She participates in community activities like handing out flyers in the neighbourhood. Overall, my daughter is continuing to develop her essential life skills at Moeen Centre and learning a lot. - A Proud Parent 

My son has little interest in participating....

My son has little interest in participating in any new activities and had no interest in trying out several of them. Since I enrolled my son at the Moeen Centre, he has greatly benefited from learning new skills and taking on challenging tasks. The staff has helped my son acquire new abilities and has been understanding, encouraging, and helpful. Before, my son didn't take any interest in solving puzzles, now he's officially reached 100 pieces! Having previously been uninterested in exploring new physical interests, he started using the treadmill every morning. In addition, Moeen Centre helps my son advance in his favourite hobbies while encouraging him to keep up with them. All things considered, the centre is fantastic, with wonderful staff that has assisted my son and given him resources to help him continue his progress.

- A Proud mother 

Our daughter has attended Moeen Centre....

Our daughter has attended Moeen Centre since she aged out of the public school system.  She has very little verbal communication which leads to her becoming very frustrated and acting out.  The staff at Moeen Centre is able to communicate with her at a level that she can understand.   Since she has been attending Moeen Centre, her listening and comprehension skills have improved and she has started to respond appropriately to requests for self-care and household tasks, like clearing the dinner table and putting her laundry in the washing machine.  Our daughter may never be fully independent, but every skill that Moeen gives her improves her life and our family’s life.

- Thank you Mrs. Alam

Truly all your efforts may not [all] be mentioned,...

but greatly appreciated. I have seen education wise the difference you have made in my daughter's life" -Note from a mother

I commend your organization's efforts to provide...

a range of programs and services to promote the empowerment of persons of physical and developmental challenges and to support the promotion and development of full participation and equality of persons with disabilities in our communities. I applaud the continuing efforts of your members and many volunteers and I extend my best wishes for success in your future endeavours and in the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead." -Derek Lee, MP (Scarborough-Rough River)

My daughter has been attending the Moeen Centre ...

since the beginning of the school year. She has adjusted well and I am pleased with the progress reports that describe the daily with activities that have taken place. I would like to see more activities like learning to take public transportation. This will help her to get acquainted with her surroundings. I would also like to see more students at the school which will allow her to be more social. Interacting with others will build her vocabulary and self-esteem. I learned about Moeen Centre from my local newspaper and not the government agency where I get my subsidy from. A lot more exposure is needed by government departments who supply funding for special needs program.” – Email from a mother

My son is 18 years old and is developmentally ...

delayed. He joined the Moeen Centre during March Break and the Summer Holidays. He liked the time he spent there and was very happy. It was very helpful for me when he attended the day program at the Moeen Centre as it freed up my time to carry on other family responsibilities. The Moeen Centre staff went out of their way and also offered to transport my son to the Centre. Thank you.” –Grateful father

Our son had no interest in doing anything....

Our son had no interest in doing anything no matter how much we tried at home to get him interested in various activities. 

We even purchased a tablet, thinking that may interest him but all he wanted to do was eat and sit and rock himself back and forth.
We got the opportunity to enroll him at the Moeen Centre, and he's a changed boy.
He's doing puzzles on his tablet and ABC'S.
Day by day I see improvements in his daily activities/behaviors.
He wants to do things for himself, without help.
He's becoming more and more independent.
I find he wants to try to do things by himself. So I let him but I say to him if you need help, ask me, and if he does he will say, 'Help'.
We were fortunate to get a place for our son at the Moeen Centre.
In the mornings he's up early and ready to go. 
So thank you to all the wonderful staff at the Moeen Centre that's teaching our son new skills/activities and he's happier. We appreciate it, and we're grateful.
Proud Parents. Mrs. Alam.

As a parent, I noticed there are big changes....

As a parent, I noticed there are big changes in my son since he joined the Moeen Centre. He learns a lot, he knows how to wait even a little bit longer if you explain something to him. He understands more than before. He can go by himself to the public washroom as long as I'm waiting outside and asking him “Are you OK?” there. Since he has a wheeltrans, he learns more patience to wait until he gets home. It's a big help for him to become a little bit independent. When I give him some instructions he can manage it. He learned math, reading, and writing. He has the street sense to walk. He is getting better in his life skills activities. Thank you so much for all the support of Moeen Centre and the Staff.

- A Proud mother

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