The Czech Orchestra of Disabled Musicians

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The group of musicians named “The Tap Tap” consisting of twenty individuals with disabilities have grown to become an international sensation with their compelling music and rhythm.

The music group began 18 years ago at a school for the disabled in Prague, Czech Republic, as a form of extra curricular activity to engage students. However, once the group began gaining attention from the public, the music group took a quick turn to becoming a musical success with a large fanbase all over the world.

The musician’s disabilities do not prevent them from creating and sharing such incredible rhythmic music, which can truly be inspiring for others.

From performing covers of songs to creating originals, the group has grown vastly and now performs 60 concerts a year. “The Tap Tap” will be coming to the U.S in the 2017 year for the first time, performing in cities such as Chicago, New York City, and Washington D.C.