Saving People With Disabilities During Hurricane Harvey

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The Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies organization that was founded in the late 1990s as a way to reuse and recycle durable medical equipment has a history of shifting its attention and focus on disaster relief.

During Hurricane Katrina, the organization made it their priority to help individuals with disabilities find relief during such disaster.

Natural disasters are definitely a great pain for all those affected, however, individuals with disabilities are much more vulnerable. During such circumstances, disabilities behave as a multiplier and makes evacuating or seeking help more difficult.

Portlight is currently focused on providing relief for disabled victims of Hurricane Harvey. At the moment, the organization is focused on information gathering and resource referral so that they are prepared for all circumstances at any moment. Portlight is prepared to help replace medical equipment for those with disabilities that may have been lost or broken during the natural disaster.

Its important to recognize the vulnerability of individuals with disabilities during such crisis’ and natural disasters, and be ready to assist and provide a helping hand when needed.