Recently Homeless Teen with Disability Pursues Dream of Attending University

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Benjamin Williamson’s story begins with an online fundraising campaign that began in order to help Benjamin’s dream of attending Carleton University come true.

Benjamin lives with cerebral palsy, but those around him will still say he is a bright individual with great potential. The program co-ordinator at Carleton University had recognized Benjamin’s potential a while back, and did not want him to miss the opportunity to attend university and make the best out of his academic talents. She had organized a campaign, and received over $20,000 in donations!

These donations not only covered Benjamin’s tuition, but also his living expenses along with housing.

Previously, the 18 year old had been living in a homeless shelter but relocated to a hospital in order for his personal needs to be met. Carleton University has committed to making sure Benjamin receives the opportunity to study an undergraduate degree while also having access to all necessary resources and beyond.