Improving Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities

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In the upcoming Spring, The federal minister responsible for Canada’s accessibility legislation plans on improving accessibility for those with disabilities. The new law will not only benefit individuals living with disabilities, but also their caregivers.

Originally, the legislation was supposed to unveil ether later on in the year or early 2018. The details of benefits were not quite disclosed, but the goal of the legislation is to remove all barriers individuals with disabilities face in society.

The new law will hopefully improve the lives of many, as it plans on removing obstacles that prevent individuals from participating and being involved in society.

The bill has six main focuses, and those involved in the legislation stated several opinions and expectations for the new law. Those involved want to see a lower unemployment rates for those with disabilities, remove inaccessibility that exist within working and regular buildings, and improve transportation to offer an easier and more comfortable experience.

Many great things can be expected from the upcoming law, helping and bettering the lives of Ontario citizens.