Disability Is Not Inability!

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The story of Vanessa Calafiore may inspire many but also assist in breaking the stigma around people with disabilities.


The 28 year old woman was born without hands and feet, yet competes professionally in body building competitions. In October, she is determined to perform in the forthcoming bodybuilding competitions, and has been preparing for months.

The photo captured from 7News, shows that regardless of not having limbs, the middle-aged woman uses her passion and strength in the gym to prepare to be her physically best.

Her incredible strength and perspective has pushed her closer towards her goals, and achieving her dreams. With the power of social media, she has initiated a fundraising aimed at raising money to pay for prosthetic legs.

Calafiore is more than comfortable in her own skin, and does not feel any sense of intimidation when competing against others. However, she believes that prosthetic legs will benefit her in many ways and is focused on achieving this goal.