Breaking Down Employment Barriers for Individuals with Disabilities

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The government of Ontario is launching an employment strategy to connect individuals with disabilities with businesses, and businesses to talent.

Access Talent: Ontario’s Employment Strategy For People with Disabilities, aims to contribute to Ontario’s economic growth by helping unemployed individuals with disabilities seek rewarding jobs and careers.

Some may assume that such individuals are not skilled enough to be active in the working field, however statistics prove that 90% of people with disabilities rate average OR better in performance in comparison to their non disabled peers.

Source: Partnership Council on Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities


This new strategy will allow Ontario to be represented as a more inclusive province while committing to equity within society. This strategy will not only benefit individuals with disabilities, but it will also benefit businesses and brands that face trouble seeking qualified candidates for working positions.


Taking this step will allow Ontario to move forward to meed the needs of all individuals and become more familiar with the importance  of collaboration.