Ontario Government Invests in Resources for the Developmentally Disabled

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During the 2017 liberal budget release, it was announced that the Ontario Government will be investing $12.5 million in providing resources for adults struggling with developmental disabilities.

Through several years of research, it has been evident that developmentally challenged individuals are left without the appropriate resources in order to live a stable life.
A report done by Ontario Ombudsman Paul Dube released last year showed that around 14,000 adults with developmental disabilities were placed on a housing wait list. The needs of the developmentally challenged were not being accommodated, and this resulted in the parents/gaurdians of such individuals to lobby the government demanding better accommodation for their loved ones.

The liberal funding will go towards 10 causes, including “enhancing service navigation”. This will guarantee that the needs of such individuals are met so that they can live a secure life. The money will help to ensure that adults with developmental disabilities can have easy access to health, education, and employment services.

With the support of the government, adults with developmental disabilities will no longer face the same struggles as they once did in terms of health and housing.


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