Our Mission

To remove all barriers for individuals living with physical or developmental disabilities through our uniquely designed programs that offer and promote independence while reducing isolation.



Founded in 1996 by Qaisar Alam, Moeen Centre is a non-profit organization for physically and developmentally disabled individuals. Our Centre was founded in memory of Moeen Alam, an individual that endured the challenges of physical and mental disabilities.


To provide programs, resources and support for physically disabled & developmentally challenged individuals and their families. Our focus is to educate and create awareness in the community about such vulnerable members of society.

Team Testimonials

“Working as a summer intern with the Moeen Centre was an amazing opportunity. It is rare to be able to find such compassion, kindness and resilience as I did among the staff and students at the centre. The Moeen Centre has and will hopefully always play an important role in the community and foster independence and support for individuals living with disabilities.”


Program Coordinator

During my time at the Moeen Centre, I learned the real impact the organization has on children living with disabilities and their families. Working with the staff and volunteers of the organization was a humbling experience as the students bring so much to the table that you feel like you’re the one getting something out of it!”



Assistant Administrator

“I joined the Moeen Centre team in 2007. Moeen Centre has given me the opportunity to volunteer with a fantastic group of individuals who are steadfast in their objective to assist young adults living with disabilities. For me, working alongside the Board of Directors has been an incredible journey of personal growth and seeing how Moeen Centre is making a difference in the lives of the individuals it serves has kept me volunteering for the Organization since 2007.”

Board Member